Q. Is it a myth or is there any truth to the belief, that if you do not have sex for a decade you will eventually lose your sanity?

Q & A’s published in the Vision Magazine April 2012

A. I am sure that a lot of men will argue that to go without sex for a whole week will drive them insane. From a purely biological point of view though, the answer is no. However God did create the body with the ability to orgasm, which might feel that you are going insane for a couple seconds, but in the end, after all the feel-good hormones have been released into your bloodstream you will feel the best you have ever felt.

But sex is not just biological. It has a psycho-social aspect to it as well and it is this psycho-social part of sex that can cause you to go insane if deprived for a decade or more. Let me give you two examples of this.

1. A couple is married for more than ten years and in spite of their love for one another, the wife have never experienced an orgasm. Biologically alone it is not enough to drive her to insanity but the unanswered questions like “does this mean there is something wrong with me? Am I a good lover? Is this a sign that we have fallen out of love?”, might just be enough to make her feel crazy.

2. Then obviously being single for too long while seeing all of society settling down around you, can make a person feel insane.

©Gesonde Seks, Timothy Kieswetter 2012

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