Q. What is the connection between two spirits connecting to having a better intimate relationship? Is intimacy not a physical connection only?

Q & A’s published in the Vision Magazine April 2012

A. As humans are not only physical beings, so are our interactions with one another not only physical. Sex is probably the one thing where we connect all the elements of our being the best – body, soul and spirit.

The church talks a lot about soul ties, and understands the fact that when you have sex with someone, you become one in the Biblical sense, and a deeper connection results than simply physical union.

What was interesting to me, when I started studying sexology was that the concept of soul ties can be explained on a biological level as well!

When one has sex, your brain releases a hormone named oxcitocyn. Now oxcitocyn is the same hormone involved when a mother breastfeeds her baby. Oxcitocyn is primarily responsible for the emotional bonding between mother and child and also between lovers.

So the more you have sex with your spouse, the stronger that emotional bond will be between you. But the more you sleep around, the more emotional connections you will have with various people and the less special and deep your connection you seem with your spouse.

So, even biologically, it makes sense to stay faithful.

©Gesonde Seks, Timothy Kieswetter 2012

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