Q. What does the Bible say about having sex for pleasure?

Q & A’s published in the Vision Magazine April 2012 

A. Of all the 66 books in the Bible, there is only one book that is solely dedicated to one topic. It is not the topic of faith, salvation or even grace. Imagine a whole book about the love between a man and a woman. And not brotherly love! Sexual love, romantic love! Song of Songs focuses solely on relational and recreational loving. So we can see that the Bible focuses a lot on the pleasure we should derive from sex. Why? Because this is how important sex is to God! His desire is for his children to understand that He gave us sex for our enjoyment.  Sex does not belong to the world, rather it was originally given to mankind by God, but Satan and the world have managed to distort it for many of us.

©Gesonde Seks, Timothy Kieswetter 2012

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