Q. How can a Christian spice things up in the bedroom?

Q & A’s published in the Vision Magazine April 2012

A. In the same way a non-Christian can spice it up. I believe strongly that we should not think that Christian sex looks different to non-Christian sex. Sex is the same for any person doesn’t matter what culture, race or religion they are from.

It is true that our beliefs will place different restrictions on what is permissible and what is not.

The problem that we had in the past, and still have today, is that there are spiritual leaders who preach their own sexual preferences and from a perspective cluttered with their own past experiences, as the Gospel truth.

The truth is, and the reason why I can’t answer this question with a 10-step formula for spicing up your love life, is that every couple’s sexual relationship will differ. What will be arousing for one couple will be off-putting to another.

So my advice for the Christian couple that desires to spice up their love life is to first understand that sexuality is part of who we are as humans, and has little to do with what we believe or don’t believe. We can love God and be sexual beings at the same time! And secondly, to act within the safe boundaries that a committed relationship provides.

©Gesonde Seks, Timothy Kieswetter 2012

1 thought on “Q. How can a Christian spice things up in the bedroom?

  1. Reblogged this on Bedroom Spice and commented:
    I think he is right. Christianity is a relationship between man and God, and marriage is supposed to mirror that relationship. Everyone is different and every relationship is different. If you have concerns about your desire to spice things up in your marriage and your religious beliefs define what you think spicing up means. If you think it means threesomes then I see where you may think God would object. God does want you to enjoy your spouse in every way,explore each other but only do things that you are both comfortable with.

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